2021-11-01 10:51:15


Cavities are also known as dental caries. A cavity is a hole that develops in[....]

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2021-11-01 07:27:57


Toothache is The discomfort in or around a tooth is referred to as a toothache.[....]

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2021-10-29 09:56:47

Tonsillitis Symptoms Causes Treatments

Tonsillitis (???????) is an infection of the tonsils, which is a mass of tissue at[....]

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2021-10-09 10:36:11

 Herpes Zoster

Herpes zoster is a painful skin rash. It is also known as shingles. It is[....]

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2021-10-07 11:07:06

Hearing Loss Hearing Aid Causes Symptoms Treatment

Hearing Loss is also known as deafness. Hearing loss refers to the total or partial[....]

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2021-10-06 09:37:54

Breathing problem solution

Also known as shortness of breath or dyspnea. It is a condition that makes it[....]

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