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Rarest Blood Group in India – Ask Canwinn Foundation For Blood Box Service

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The rarest blood group in India discovered in the history is Bombay blood group or HH Blood Group.
If you never heard about this you are going to acknowledge this rarest blood group in India.

Note: Canwinn Foundation provides all blood groups through its blood box service. We will talk about this later in the article.

Bombay Blood Group- Rarest Blood Group in India

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Bombay blood group is also known as the HH blood group. This rarest blood group is named as Bombay blood group because it was first discovered in the Bombay. In the year 1952, a patient with this blood group was founded in the city, Mumbai.
This exceptional condition has been seen in 1 of 10,000 individuals in India. And in Europe, it has been reported 1 in a million people.

Donation of Blood regardless of its group

Since the start, blood donation for the requirements of needy people has been considered as a noble act of saving lives. Many people donate blood every year.

However, before starting the donation process doctors always check for the type of blood a person or a Donor carries. It is true that our blood comes in various physiological types or groups.
The general and most commonly known blood groups are A, B, AB, and O.

It is important during the process of transferring blood from Donor to a receiver that their blood types must match. In case if they don’t match, it could lead to serious life-threatening complications.

The first case of Bombay

In Bombay (Mumbai), India, when the patient was discovered to have the rarest blood type, the doctors have seen things that they had never seen before.
The reaction of HH Blood was so different and never had been seen earlier. He was a young individual with the rarest blood in India.

History of Bombay Blood Group

This is the rarest blood we have ever found in our country. In 1952, Doctor C.K. Deshpande, Y.M. Bhende, and H.M. Bhatia of the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai issued a note on May 3, in The Lancet. The note was about two patients that were in need of blood transfusion.

It mentioned that their blood type was not previously known and when their samples were mixed with any of the known blood types, the blood coagulated or clumped up.

After trying the blood of 160 donors, the doctors have found one person that was lived in Mumbai has suited the blood type of those two patients.
Just after this discovery, Dr. Bhende and others named this particular blood type as the ‘Bombay Blood Type also called a hh group’.

Why do they call it an HH blood group?

The Bombay blood group calling as an HH blood group is because they do not express the H antigen. This ‘H’ antigen is present in blood group O. Therefore, this ‘H’ antigen is antecedent of A and B blood group antigens.

In conclusion, they are not capable of forming A or B antigens on the red blood cells which means they can donate blood to people with the ABO group but cannot receive blood from the HH blood group.

Where you can get Bombay Blood grouping done?

In any reputed and authorized blood banks and laboratories, you can visit and request for blood grouping to find out about your blood type.

Canwinn Blood Box Facility

During the month of Summer, Canwinn Foundation has started the facility of ‘blood box’ through which any person can donate blood by contacting them. Also, the best blood box facility allows needy persons to contact the Canwinn foundation and get the blood for free.

This is absolutely a social service to fulfill the requirements of those who are in real need. Within a few hours, they can provide the required blood group to the person or hospital.

If you have any queries, contact us today!

To Get All Details Regarding Free Medicine Delivery, Call Us On Our Helpline No. – 9654000098

rarest blood group in india

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