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CanWinn Foundation – as our name itself depicts our mission which is to let people win over chronic and critical diseases like Cancer. CanWinn Foundation is the leading non-governmental organization that is initiated in March 2019. As a social networking platform, we work as a bridge between society and healthcare service providers to promote affordable and good health services. To achieve our ambition of a healthy India, CanWinn Foundation works on 3A’s:-

  • Affordable
  • Assurable
  • Approachable

With a dedicated team of specialized doctors, we administer treatment in various fields like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, Magnetic Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Acupressure Therapy. The health camps we organize are entirely based on disseminating health consciousness to awake people and society.

Concerning providing help to needy people, CanWinn Foundation has a major tie-up with many esteemed Hospitals in Gurugram. These are- Artemis, Narayana Super-specialty Hospital, Alfaa Hospital, Center for Sight, Sapphire Dental Hospital, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital (Delhi), and many more. Similarly, we have the other tie-ups with Modern Diagnostic Centre and K P Pharmacy to yield fine support for patients. Soon, we will be bonded with more Diagnostic Centers and Medical Stores so we can expand our services more widely.

Our numerous social services for human welfare have been proven to be a great help till now and we are hoping to contribute more and more to our people and one day surely achieve our goal to make a healthy and happy India

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Need Of CanWinn

There are many needy people in our society who are suffering from chronic diseases, but they are unable to receive effective treatment due to a lack of knowledge about doctors and hospitals. CanWinn's mission is to raise awareness of diseases and aid individuals in locating suitable doctors and hospitals on our panel at discounted and affordable rates.


Since we chose to contribute in numerous ways, we began by researching society and its issues. People suffering from chronic diseases were unable to receive an accurate diagnosis or treatment. As a result, the CanWinn Foundation chose to assist the poor and needy. We provide disease-related information and recommend people to the best doctors and hospitals.

Medical Assistants

CanWinn is actively involved in assisting patients who are not covered by any government-run schemes or health insurance policies with OPD/Indoor Patients in consultancy/diagnosis/room rent and Branded Medicines. According to the MOU, a patient can receive discounts with our references. That is how a regular individual can benefit from our services without having to go through any difficult procedures.

Medical Assistants

CanWinn is actively involved in assisting patients who are not covered by any government-run schemes or health insurance policies with OPD/Indoor Patients in consultancy/diagnosis/room rent and Branded Medicines. According to the MOU, a patient can receive discounts with our references. That is how a regular individual can benefit from our services without having to go through any difficult procedures.

Our Achievements

So far, we have received numerous blessings from those we have assisted. We are grateful that we were able to help those in need even during the pandemic time. We love serving the public and resolving their issues.Our achievements were not intended for any benefits just like our works. CanWinn and its crew have always worked to make a difference by working for human welfare.

Our Mission

The canwinn Foundation's overarching mission is to free India from deadly diseases such as cancer. In addition to recommending appropriate treatments, we offer patients moral support. We endeavor to provide the greatest, most efficient, and most affordable treatment referrals to those in need. Our mission inspired and encouraged us to expand our efforts for human life and happiness.This is a common misunderstanding.

Our Vision

A large portion of the population in our nation is uninformed of disease-related information and effective treatments. As a result of this unawareness, more dangerous situations arise. People may not have access to government-sponsored health care yet but require rapid treatment; how will they pay for it? Concerning all of this, canwinn launched a service that allows patients to receive quick treatment at a reduced cost.

Our Ambition

In our country, a major part of the population is unaware of the disease-related facts and the right treatments. Consequently, this lack of knowledge leads to more damaging situations. The people might not be having any Govt. Promoted Health Schemes but require immediate treatment, how will they afford? Concerning all of this, CanWinn started a service through which a patient can get immediate treatment at discounted rates.

Founder Statement

Dr. D. P. Goyal


“During the Cancer stage of My mother, we observed and realized that there are hardly any trustworthy platforms available where we can get the right information at the right time and also who is the best doctor and under which critical condition we should take the consultation of experts. Therefore, concerning that essential information, we started the CanWinn Foundation platform, which works both ways offline and online.

It is a Socio-Health connectivity platform for the well-being of society. It is a bridge between the community and the health sector that helps you get information regarding which medical conditions doctors treat and which treatments work for the specific medical conditions. It helps to understand which treatments like Homeopathy, Allopathy, or Ayurveda will be better.

We consult with expert doctors regarding medical conditions, medicines, and treatments and post verification of the provided information on our website. So wherever it is possible, we try to help the community. Hospitals provide us with more discount-related benefits and as humans to those patients who take our services.

Naveen Goyal


Our purpose is to serve society for better health and to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Our mission is to provide our services to ill people of any community, caste, or gender, known or unknown. We have not asked for any donations to run the CanWinn Foundation NGO. We always require dedicated volunteers, subscribers, supporters, and social activists for our NGO.

We are grateful to our partners. supporters, solidarity team who work with team spirit, harmony, and hard work by our support, partners, and dedicated staff team. The pathway to end illness and fit society, therefore, no one can die due to lack of treatment.

I am proud of our trustees, staff team, volunteers, and coordinators who are heartily dedicated to our mission. Our entire canwinn Foundation team is working with us for the welfare of the marginalized creation of God. We all know about our mission and objectives. We are so grateful to those who are working with us on this gigantic task. I present my heartily thanks on behalf of the team for your support and continuing generosity.

CanWinn Foundation
Association with Hospitals

The CanWinn Foundation serves as a bridge between healthcare providers and society, aiming to offer better healthcare at a lower cost and to ensure that everyone has access to the finest available healthcare.
The CanWinn Foundation established three polyclinics in Gurugram –

Not only that, but we have affiliations with several hospitals and laboratories that allow individuals to receive significant discounts.
Our goal is to ensure that every person in our society receives fair treatment in the battle against chronic disease. CanWinn has strong ties with a number of prestigious hospitals and diagnostic centers in Gurugram. In an attempt to reach the country’s most remote areas, we plan to include more hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and medical centers in our networks.

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Meet Our People

The CanWinn Foundation is the leading non-governmental organization. Our goal is to provide better and more accessible health care to everyone in their area. Our team worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. canwinn Foundations’ team consists of highly motivated and passionate individuals. We are the ones who want significant social change. We have a dedicated team of volunteers that are sincerely committed to spreading health awareness. The health camps we conduct are totally focused on raising the health standards of society. Our employees place high importance on professionalism, teamwork, and a positive attitude.

" Rather than highlighting how dedicated we are,
WE motivate our TEAM by showing
how amazing THEY are "

Dr. D. P. Goyal


canwinn foundation general manager sandeep sharma

Sandeep Sharma

General Manager

canwinn foundation senior manager operations sharad chahal

Sharad Chahal

Sr. Manager Operations

CanWinn Foundation
Awards and Certificates

canwinn foundation healthcare ngo award by health department gurgaon

Appreciation letter
Health Department, Gurgaon

CanWinn Foundation received an appreciation letter from the Health Department in Gurugram for its significant efforts in the health sector and for its National Program for the Control of Blindness. This honor is symbolized by Dr. Virendra Yadav, Civil Surgeon of Gurugram, and Dr. Isha Narang, Deputy Civil Surgeon of Gurugram.

canwinn foundation healthcare ngo appreciation award

Appreciation letter
Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

On October 19, 2019, in acknowledgment of participation in the celebration of the accomplishment of the 100th patient in bone marrow transplant surgery, Artemis Hospital gave an appreciation letter to the CanWinn Foundation.


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