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Acknowledged as a rare but serious blood disorder, Aplastic anemia happens when your bone marrow cannot make enough new blood cells for your body to work normally.

However, the disease quits making just one type of cell, but more often it becomes low on all three: red and white cells, and platelets. The disease has nature to give slow or sudden occurrence. Sadly, it can be life-threatening when your blood count gets low enough.

Being concerned about your health, Cancer NGO in Delhi NCR is going to discuss the symptoms and precaution of Aplastic anemia.

Symptoms of Aplastic Anemia

In our body, each kind of blood cell plays a different role that contributes to overall body performance.

Red cells: Red Blood cells are known to carry oxygen around the body.

WBC: White Blood Cells fight infections in our body.

Platelets: These play a crucial role in bleeding prevention.

Moreover, the symptoms in each individual can be recognized on the basis of what kind of blood cells are not working normally. There can be another scenario as well where you might face the dysfunction of all three of them. However, for the Best Treatment for Aplastic Anemia, we have gathered some general symptoms for each kind of blood cells:

Low red blood cell count:


Shortness of breath


Pale skin


Chest pain

Irregular heartbeat

Low white blood cell count:



Low platelet count:

Easy bruising and bleeding


When the doctors recognize any of the above symptoms, they do a test that is known as complete blood count. Similarly, for the Aplastic Anemia Treatment, they might also consider taking a biopsy of your bone marrow. This might allow you to start the Aplastic Anemia Natural Treatment. 

Bone marrow transplant

Cancer NGO in India has a better record of diseases and their treatments. More often, the Doctor recommends bone marrow transplant therapy to those patients who are up to 40- 44 years of age. If we talk about the Aplastic Anemia Treatment Cost in our country, it generally goes up to 8 to 10 lakhs but only if the patient is well conserved and referred early for the transplant.

The patients beyond the age of 40-45 years are recommended to have an injection. For this injection, which is commonly called ATG, the patients required to get admitted for four days in the hospital.

Response time:

Generally, the bone marrow transplant takes around 14 days to respond and demands oral medication for one year. Similarly, when you are treated with ATG, the response time is close to around three months. In addition, it requires you to be on immunosuppressive agents for a year and a half. While in some cases, it extends up to more than two years.

Other Aplastic Anemia Treatments:

There can be circumstances where we see patients who can not afford ATG or Bone marrow transplant. Therefore, they can take an oral medication called Danazol and cyclosporin. That can recover 30 percent of sufferers in such situations. 

However, Best Treatment For Aplastic Anemia modality still continues to be a bone marrow transplant.

And yes, do not worry about the treatments, because the success rate for the treatment in today’s era remains at 80 percent. And fortunately, the Aplastic Anemia Treatment Cost is low. 

The success rate with ATG also continues to run at 60 percent.

Aplastic Anemia Natural Treatment

It is simple and obvious that, to treat aplastic anemia naturally, you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

In that case, your first health goal should be a balanced diet. Before or after the treatment, it is essential for bone marrow patients to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Furthermore,

Maintain a healthy weight

Use minimally processed foods

Know what foods to avoid

Do not use the foods with a foul smell

Pick your Beverages carefully

Cancer NGO In Delhi NCR is also active in treating aplastic anemia disease, that is marked by low hemoglobin, low WBC, low platelets. If you are finding any doubts regarding symptoms, diagnoses, or definitions of Aplastic Anemia, please contact Canwinn Foundation.

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