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This common condition of arthritis is related to joints. The condition leads to pain and inflammation either in one or several joints. Nobody wishes to suffer from the annoying joint disorder. Arthritis has over 100 types and the most common kind is Osteoarthritis. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent this health condition. Today, at Canwinn Foundation, we will discuss How to Prevent Arthritis 10 Easy Ways.

Symptoms of arthritis

Some of the symptoms of arthritis involve:

The symptoms could vary from mild to severe, depending on the person’s condition. In severe conditions, arthritis causes chronic pain and a person loses the ability to perform daily activities.

These ten easy ways to prevent arthritis will surely get you some relief.

1. Go towards a normal body weight

No doubt, excessive body weight causes many health problems. And therefore, it is the common cause of arthritis. Overweight causes pressure to our joints and they quickly crumble out. To prevent this condition, you should control your body weight by exercises and a healthy diet.

2. High Heels

High heels are the risk factor or arthritis. Walking on the tip of your feet does not cause you any good except making you look taller. Walking on toes puts a lot of pressure on your toes and joints.
To get rid of arthritis conditions, you should avoid wearing high heels.

3. Avoid High Impact Exercises

High impact exercises might include football, soccer, hurdles, etc. These sports put pressure on the joints. There are many more chances that excessive practicing of such exercises can lead to arthritis. For instance, you can consider exercises like bicycling and swimming to protect your joints.
If your physical activities are harmonious, they will eventually get you relief in pain.
In conclusion, you should perform exercises that your body allows you to stay healthy and fit.

4. Body Mechanics Enhancement

Body mechanics means your daily movements’ of activities. If your body mechanics are perfect, you will never get any health problems. Therefore, you can prevent arthritis by improving body mechanics.
To maintain this, consider lifting your legs instead of your back because back lifting can lead to injuries.

5. Protect Your Joints or Cartilage from some activities

The daily activities you do can lead to osteoarthritis. Do not force yourself to do such things that are causing you pain. However, moderate activities that your body allows are good to perform.

6. Vitamin D Supplements

Arthritis and Vitamin D have a strong relationship. Therefore, you must have an adequate amount of arthritis prevention supplements. You can go for a blood test that can reveal if you are having any Vitamin D deficiency.
By asking your doctor, you can take vitamin D supplements and prevent arthritis conditions.

7. Water Is the most important thing on this planet

Dehydration can cause cartilage damages. If you drink a lot of water, you can simply prevent the problems of arthritis. Therefore, consider staying hydrated because hydration flushes out all the toxins from your body. Water also fights inflammation and keeps your joints lubricant.

8. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

We all know and we read everywhere that smoking is injurious to health. Therefore, this also affects badly to the person who is already having arthritis.
Similarly, excessively drinking alcohol is a dangerous idea in arthritis conditions. As alcohol causes dehydration, your cartilage will be damaged.

9. Don’t consume Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar

If you are taking a diet that is full of sugar or refined carbohydrates, then you will suffer from the inflammation in your joints.
In fact, too much salt consumption can also lead to this same problem.
Therefore, you must avoid:

10. Include Omega-3 in your diet

If you are suffering from inflammation because of arthritis you can add anti-inflammatory foods in your daily diet.
Omega-3 is considered to be the most effective inflammation fighter. A fish in your diet can fulfill the requirements of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Moreover, to calm a severe pain and inflammation in your joints you must consider visiting a doctor.

In conclusion, arthritis condition is preventable and can be controlled if you change the unhealthy ways of living and focus more on healthy ways of living.

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