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What is motion sickness & How to avoid motion sickness? A Helpful guide by Canwinn Foundation

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Frequent movements trigger a feeling of sickness that is called motion sickness. Occasionally, when you ride on a bus, boat, car, airplane, or train this condition occurs. Similarly, motion sickness can befall when you have an amusement ride or virtual reality experience. But, in order to avoid motion sickness, you will not have to stop traveling. All you have to do is plan earlier to prevent any unpleasant condition during the journey.

How to cure motion sickness?

If you are already aware that while traveling you will surely get the motion sickness, then it would be great to plan a treatment ahead. Some ways are given below to cure motion sickness:

Boat: Pick the midpoint
Plane: Site near wings
Train: Sit by forward-facing
Cruise: Sit in the front or middle cabin. Prefer the room that is closest to the water level.

How to cure motion sickness permanently?

To cure motion sickness permanently, you might want to see a doctor for therapies. The treatment might include acupressure. In case, your symptoms lasts longer than two-three days, you must see a doctor.

Who will suffer from the motion sickness?

Relatively, this sickness occurs in children between the ages of 5 and 12, people with migraine problems, older people, and pregnant women. Sometimes, motion sickness is genetic. The conditions gets better when the motion stops. Rarely, Parkinson’s disease might be a reason of motion sickness when not moving.

Motion sickness symptoms

Motion sickness symptoms can hit anytime without giving any prior sign. They can get worse quickly. In the motion sickness, you might suffer with nausea. Precisely, the symptoms of Motion sickness includes:

Motion sickness treatment

Some of the traditional motion sickness pills are:

How long does motion sickness last?

Ordinarily, motion sickness last for four hours after stopping the motion. However, in some cases it lasts longer than expected then you can ask for doctor’s help or treat it with some home remedies.

Pressure points for motion sickness

You can even treat motion sickness with the help of acupressure. It is a traditional way to cure nausea and feeling of upset stomach. Therefore, Pressure points for motion sickness is known as Nei Guan that can help relieve the sick feelings. This pressure point P-6 is found on your inner arm near your wrist.

How to stop motion sickness after it starts?

While you are traveling somewhere and you start feeling sick. It might seem a very difficult situation. But you can avoid it by taking deep breathes of fresh air, drinking fluids, changing your sitting positions in the car, diverting your mind, even you can meditate if you are comfortable, and get in touch with your pressure point.

Final Words by Canwinn Foundation

You don’t have to feel stressful if you are having motion sickness. Just take medicines before going to travel. There are many ways by which you can avoid motion sickness.
To know anything, contact Canwinn Foundation today!

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