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Kidneys: The fist-sized organs found on both sides of your spine. Kidneys are responsible to deliver the diverse functions. Accordingly, their roles include filtering waste products, excess water, and other contaminants from your blood. The bladder is responsible for storing these waste products and later expelled through urine. Till now, you must have understood how important it is to keep your kidney healthy.
Moreover, kidneys presented in our body manages pH, salt, and potassium levels. In addition, they produce hormones that monitor blood pressure and master the production of red blood cells.

Interestingly, your kidney’s functions and responsibilities involve activating a form of vitamin D. Eventually, that form assists your body to absorb calcium for building bones and regulating muscle function.

How to keep kidneys healthy is the thing we will discuss today. Because it is vital to keep your overall health fit and fine, look into the tips to protect the kidney.

Healthcare tips: How to improve kidney health?

1) Stay active

Exercise is the best way to keep your body healthy and fit. Therefore, regular exercise can reduce the uncertainty of chronic kidney disease.
You can simply opt for exercises like walking, running, cycling, and even dancing. Healthy kidneys sign resemble good overall health.

2) Control your blood sugar

Diabetes patients are prone to develop kidney damages. What really happens in our body is when the cells become unable to use the glucose in the blood, it all gets on the kidneys to work extra in order to filter blood. With the passage of time, this struggle can drive to life-threatening damage.
Therefore, you can prevent catastrophic damages by controlling the blood sugar.

3) Monitor blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause kidney damage. And more exhaustingly high blood pressure befalls with other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol.
The rate fo healthy blood pressure is 120/80 whereas 139/89 depicts prehypertension. You can manage the blood pressure with some changed routines and eating habits.

4) Weight can be responsible for kidney damage

Unsurprisingly, overweight can lead to various health conditions that can eventually lead to kidneys damage. Various kidney diseases can arise because of overweight. To take care of kidney one must consume a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and low in sodium. This is how you can naturally keep your kidneys healthy.

5) How to protect kidney naturally?

Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body healthy. A good amount of water consumption is healthy for your kidneys. With the help of water, the sodium and toxins from the kidneys get cleared out. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can prevent various kidney conditions.
Moreover, the daily intake of water and other fluids depends on various factors. And therefore, the people who have a history of kidney stones should drink a lot of water.

6) Don’t smoke

Smoking is injuries for health, who don’t know that. Smoking can easily damage blood vessels. The damage can lower the blood flow. Smoking can even create risks for kidney cancer. Hence, you should stop smoking.

7) Role of OTC pills

Over-the-counter pain medications can also cause kidney damages. If you have been taking regular medicines for pain reliefs like ibuprofen and naproxen, the chances of kidney damage become high. However, the people who have no existing kidney conditions can sometimes take such medicines. Only taking the medicines daily can create some serious issues. Furthermore, you can take advice from your doctor.

8) Kidney Tests

The people who are at higher risk of kidney damage or kidney disease should consider a regular kidney test. Those who fall under the risk category are:

A regular test is advisable to know the kidney’s condition.

Foods to keep your kidney healthy

Above all, if you have no existing disease you can simply protect your kidney with a healthy diet, and by knowing about the foods to avoid for kidney health. In the scenario, you are having kidney disease kindly consult your doctor.

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