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When you are among those people who sit a lot daily either at work or at home, it becomes necessary to look for ways that can keep your body active and fit. The body of human beings requires to be active and fit so it can long love without any chronic conditions.

Now, Canwinn Foundation will enlighten you about How to make Your Body Active & Fit 24*7. The active body reduces the risks of colon cancer by 35 percent and breast cancer by 25 percent.
A healthy life is majorly dependent on activeness and fitness. Therefore, it is significant to make your body active with full of energy.

A Role of walking

Walking is the easiest and most convenient way to stay active. This also leads to a fit body. Walking helps you burn calories and lose weight, however, your walks should be faster and more in counting.
In case, you have no space around your home for a walk, you can use indoor walking exercises.
Therefore, to stay Active & Fit 24*7 make walking your daily routine of morning.

Stand Up at Work

An office going person should always take care of his health and body. Sitting at work for hours makes us lazy and we become inactive for hours.
Sitting continuously can lead to many issues but standing up in a few intervals can save you from many catastrophes. Moreover, you should use stairs instead of lifts, take 5 min break in every hour, or refresh your mind with other activities to activate your body.

Use exercise ball

Instead of a chair, you exercise ball because it can stabilize your abs. Perhaps, few flights of stairs some times during a day can make you energize and help you regain the focus.
Only little things can make a big change and keep you active all day.

Get a Dog

If you are a dog lover, get yourself your favorite pet. While taking care of a pet, your activity levels get increased. Go for a walk with your dog, play with him, teach him something you can, and so on these all lead to your own exercise as well. With a dog, you can burn a large number of calories.

Clean Your House

Cleaning, especially moping is the best way to give some exercise moves to your body and stay active. Without even your realization, cleaning can stretch and strengthen your muscles. Mild or vigorous cleaning can burn less or many calories in half an hour.

Take the benefit of bicycle

Cycling has many benefits, we have been hearing it for a long time. Cycling aids in height, healthy life, active and fit body, and enhanced energy. Therefore, go for a ride every morning with your cycle or if you don’t have one, get an indoor cycling machine. It is fun and the best tip to make Your Body Active.

Cooking at home

Cooking is not only an exercise but it also burns calories to keep your body fit. You can customize your dishes according to your body requirements and become aware of what you are going to consume.
By cooking at home, you can also resist the temptation of unhealthy food choices. Cooking also inculcates various movements that provide your body with good activeness.


The best way to make Your Body Active & Fit 24*7 is dancing. You can join Zumba classes, dancing classes, etc for regular fitness. In fact, you can hit clubs on Saturday nights to dance with full energy. Therefore, get on the floor the next time you plan to go outside with your friends.

Join up for an informal sports

Are you a game lover?
If yes, then skip your indoor Xbox games and opt for physical outdoor games. Do not worry about perfectness or skills, just pick any sport you like and go for practice. It will be fun to play with your neighbors or friends.

The traditional sports might include:

Active competition games include:

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