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At some age, we look forward to the ways to increase height. The height of a person really matters. Because height has the age from which it stops increasing, you should wake at the right time and start implementing the things that can increase your height.

Now, Canwinn Foundation is going to enlighten you about the 10 Most effective Yoga Asanas to Increase Height. So, be ready to become taller than your current height.

1. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Popularly known for its myriad of benefits, Surya Namaskar also helps in increasing your height.
This Sun Salutation pose involves standing on feet by keeping the face towards the sun’s direction and joining hands to do namaskaram. Precise Surya Namaskar is a little bit hard, but once you practice it will be easy to do.

2. Tadasana or Palm Tree Pose

Palm Tree Pose or mountain pose requires your body to remain erect. The person that performs this pose looks upwards. Tadasana is beneficial in stretching your complete spine. Therefore, Palm Tree Pose eventually increase your height by slightly stretching your spine muscles.

3. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

This pose has been performed by lying on the stomach by keeping your toes on the ground and stretch out. Your feet require to touch each other. Bhujangasana enhances your flexibility and the middle back helps to increase the height.

4. Trikonasana or Triangle Posture

Triangle Posture is the perfect pose to stretch the muscles of the spine. It offers flexibility and stretching leads to increased height. Trikonasana expands your muscles and all you have to do is stand by keeping your legs apart and one arm on shoulder and other on leg. Once you start doing it, you will become perfect.

5. Natrajasana or Lying Down by Twisting Body

Lying Down by Twisting Body as you can get an idea by this yoga pose name. In Natarajasana, you will have to perform it on the ground. This yoga pose includes the movements of legs and yet it is beneficial to increase your height.

6. Sukhasana or Easy Pose

Sukhasana is the yoga pose that helps to balance your breath and also tone your hips and lower back. This asana will also be beneficial to increase your height. If you are a beginner, you can easily perform this pose. Just sit on the floor by crossed legs, put your hands on knees, and focus on your breaths.

7. Balasana or Child Pose

Balasana is the most basic pose that requires you to sit on the floor by bending your knees. While inhaling, put your forehead on the ground and stretch the arms completely on the front side.

8. Ardha Chakrasana or Half wheel pose

This is a Half wheel pose that makes you flexible, expands your muscles, and increase your height.
In Ardha Chakrasana, you have to stand straight by keeping your feets close. Now, stretch your arms while slightly bending your upper body to the back.

9. Dhanurasana or Bow pose

Dhanurasana is one of the effective Yoga Asanas to Increase Height. It rejuvenates your spine. Bow pose involves lying on the floor on your stomach with arms on the ground and feet apart. Slowly bend your knees. You have to lift your head, chest, and thigh to a certain height like a bow.

10. Virabhadrasana or Warrior pose

VeerBhadrasana pose makes your arms, thighs, shoulders, and muscles strong and active. To perform this, make your legs apart as much as possible in the standing position. Lift up your hands and while inhaling bend your right knee, turn head and look right.

So, these are the yoga asanas that can increase Height. You can look up the videos to practice such yoga poses and make it a routine to perform them.

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