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In this busy world where we got no time for ourselves and we keep running a rat-race. It becomes very common that people experience problems like stress and depression every single day of their lives. This competitive world does not give people any moment to feel relaxed and relieved.

As a result, people have been suffering from various diseases. They don’t even realize how and when the diseases have started or else they might have stopped it at the derivation. For this, you need time for a full-body health checkup.

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Get Free Full body health checkup in Gurugram

We might not always want to spend a lot of money on a full body health checkup because we do not consider it worth spending. The good news is that you can get free full-body health checkups in Gurugram by just contacting the Canwinn foundation.
This organization has been providing several services that can save your money regarding your health issues. One of their services allows you to get a free body health checkup so that you can analyze if you are having a fit body or suffering from any disease. This Foundation does not want you to get a severe disease that can harm you in many ways.

Therefore, they have been helping you to get the best treatment and medicines in case you are having any disease.

Full body health check-up

Body health checkups might include some evaluation of important body systems and testing. The test focus on breast cancer and uterine for women. Whereas test like prostrate cancer has been focused when a man goes for a health checkup.

Moreover, there are other tests that are included in full-body health checkup are as follows:

This test has been done to discover the hemoglobin count. Moreover, blood test allows the doctors to get a calculation of platelets, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, and polymorphs

A cholesterol test is done to Examining the blood for triglyceride levels

The health check-up will include Diabetes test to know the blood sugar levels in your body

It allows getting the levels of glucose and protein in your body

This test is really important to know any heart disease instantly. In other words, ECG has been done to check the overall health of your heart

To know the hearing and functioning of your auditory system, Ear test is also included in the full health checkups

An eye test let you know the performance of your eyes and how well they are functioning

This test is recommended routinely by the experts and it involves chest X-ray and ultrasound abdomen and pelvis scan

In conclusion, full-body health checkup helps you to instantly identify the risk factors that are associated with chronic diseases.
Therefore, you should go for routine health check-ups without taking it for granted.

Note: Due to the Corona Outbreak, full-body health checkup service by Canwinn foundation has been paused.

The camps for a health check-up will be continued after the situation caused by COVID-19 will be normal. Contact Canwinn Foundation for any help!

To Get All Details Regarding Free Medicine Delivery, Call Us On Our Helpline No. – 9654000098

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