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Best 10 cancer treatment in India in 2020

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Cancer is the most inevitable And Deadly disease. It strikes many people per year without giving any prior notice. First of all, let us tell you that Canwinn Foundation initially helps cancer patients and do every possible thing to accommodate them with all kind of cancer treatments.

This Foundation has risen with the aim to make a cancer-free country.
This disease cancer is the most common condition across India and unfortunately, our country is on the third position in the list of highest cancer deaths in the world.

Above all, the first step to make a cancer-free India is spreading awareness about this disease and its treatments. Without the proper knowledge, we cannot do anything to deal with. Now, we will share the best 10 cancer treatment in India in 2020.


A cancer patient can be treated with surgery in which a surgeon removes cancer from a specific part of the patients’ body. The surgery also includes different ways that depend on the condition of a patient.

2.Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy includes the use of high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells that abnormally grow in your body. It also shrinks tumors.


Chemotherapy includes drug uses to kill cancer cells.


Immunotherapy boosts up your immune system to fight against cancer.

5.Targeted Therapy

That cancer cells grow in our body and then they divide itself and spread in other parts of the body from a single region. Targeted therapy includes the changes and cancer cells to prevent this process of spreading.


This kind of treatment includes cancer cells killing with cold. During Cryoablation, a needle is injected in your skin that directly goes to the cancerous tumor. After that, cancer specialists pumps gas into the needle and that gas freezes the tissue. This frozen tissue then gets fused. This process is repeated many times to kill cancer cells.

7.Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is related to breast and prostate cancer. This kind of treatment slows down the growth of cancer cells that use hormones to grow.

8.Stem Cell Transplant

This is a kind of process that includes the Restoration of blood-forming stem cells in cancer patients. Especially those who have destroyed their cells with high doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Therefore, stem cell transplant can be used to recover the side effects of other cancer therapies.

9.Precision Medicine

Based on the genetic understanding of the disease, Precision medicine allows the doctors to pick the right treatment for the patient.

10.CyberKnife Surgery

It is said to be the latest cancer treatment in India. CyberKnife Surgery is a non-invasive, pain-free robotic radiation therapy. And interestingly, it comes with no side effects as such.

Major causes of Cancer in India

As per the reports, over six lakh people in India suffer from Cancer disease per year. Where men usually strike with the oral, lung, and throat cancers, women get breast cancer, cervix cancer, and ovarian cancers.
If we look into the aged group, the most common kinds of cancers that have been found in them are colon, prostate, and kidney cancers.
The biggest cause of cancer in India is due to excessive intake of tobacco and its products. The cause of breast, uterus, and kidney cancers is due to obesity issues and genetic issues. Moreover, cervical cancer occurs due to personal hygiene issues.
Above all, the most common causes remain with tobacco use, obesity, and cancer-causing pathogens.

The success rate of cancer treatment in India and abroad

We have heard it many times that whenever a celebrity got cancer they go abroad for the treatment. However, it cannot always be true. According to the leading oncologists and cancer specialists, India has the best cancer treatment.
It is because of the cost of cancer treatment in India. Here, the treatment is cheaper than abroad. Moreover, our country has expert oncologists along with the latest types of equipment and treatment facilities across cancer hospitals.

The average cost of cancer treatment in India 2020

First, the cost is not fixed for an overall treatment. Because the disease comes with various types and stages, the average cost of cancer treatment in India 2020 depends on the factors like:

Canwinn Foundation provides a helping hand for the cancer patients

Irrespective of the cancer treatment cost, an NGO like Canwinn Foundation works for cancer patients, and their treatment. They provide financial help by giving good relaxation on hospital bills. Not only this, but Canwinn also proffers the best oncologists and cancer specialists so a patient can be cured successfully. They have worked hard to make this country a cancer-free country.

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Best cancer treatments in india

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