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In contrast to weight loss weight gaining is a really difficult task. You will have to follow strict diet plans and lifestyles in order to gain the wait. Today, Canwinn Foundation will share the best vegetarian diet plan for weight gain 30-day challenge. All you have to do is accept this 30-day challenge and implement it in your life and after that see the results.

Strategic food choices, high-calorie vegan foods and vegetarian diet chart for weight gain will lead you to add some pounds in your body. The diet chart will work on how to gain weight for skinny guys with a high metabolism. So, let’s start…

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Vegetarian diet chart for weight gain

Peanut butter and nuts

Where nuts are a great source of healthy fats, protein, and calories they are are a better option to gain healthy weight. Consume a handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, or cashews daily. In addition, peanut butter contains high calories and it is the best way to gain weight quickly.

It is included in high-calorie vegan foods. And you can add a spoon of peanut butter in a glass of milk to drink.


Falls in the fruits category, avocado proffers important nutrition to our body. If you are looking to gain weight without unhealthy eatings, add avocado in your daily diet chart of 30-Day Challenge.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fats. It promotes weight gain. In addition, olive oil enhances the blood sugar level of diabetes type 2 patients. Use this amazing oil in your daily vegetables and other meals. It is a healthy way to gain weight for vegetarians. You can sprinkle some oils over veggies or salads.

Dried Fruit

If you want to gain the weight, include Dried Fruit in the Best Vegetarian diet plan for weight gain. Because they contain vitamins, minerals, extra calories, and antioxidants, it is a great way to gain some extra pounds.


Chickpeas, beans, and lentils deliver a sufficient amount of fibers, proteins, and calories that all contribute to your healthy body. So, when it comes to vegetarian food to gain weight, do not forget to include legumes in your diet chart.

Sweet Potatoes

A common starchy vegetable, sweet potatoes often used in Indian kitchens and they come in a high-calorie vegan foods category. Add them to your diet chart to gain weight. If you are looking for how to get fat fast in a week, you must include this high calorie and fiber food in your diet chart.


The most convenient way to allow your body to gain weight, you can count on smoothies. If you will add protein powder in smoothies, the benefits will eventually be maximized. You can make a weight gaining smoothies by adding fresh fruits, coconut oil, almond milk, nuts, and peanut butter.


A cost-effective way to add up some weight. Rice proffers calorie-dense carbohydrates. Therefore, it helps you slowly gain weight. You can simply add rice to your daily meal.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil also contributes to gain weight. Add it to the vegetarian diet chart for weight gain. One tablespoon of coconut oil is enough for a day. You can always add it to the smoothie or dressings.

In conclusion, it is possible to gain weight by focusing on your diets and daily routines. There are a lot of recipes to gain weight available on the internet to use. Just focus on what you are eating and have patience.

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Vegetarian bodybuilding diet without supplements

Below are some bodybuilding diet and other tips that will help the individuals who work out:

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