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What to eat and avoid during typhoid – Healthy Diet Tips By Canwinn Foundation

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Salmonella typhi is the bacteria that is responsible for causing typhoid. Typhoid is a high fever and a contagious infection which means it is transmittable from contaminated food and water to humans. It is mostly spread due to poor sanitation.

More commonly, children and an immunocompromised group of individuals are vulnerable to get infected with this bacterial infection. During typhoid, patients must follow a strict diet that includes what to eat and avoid.

What are the Symptoms of typhoid?

Typhoid gradually emerges over a few weeks and the symptoms start to appear. The symptoms will include:

During typhoid, severe gastrointestinal problems are also common along with poor appetite and nausea.

Further to what to eat in typhoid, there is a diet you should avoid or implement. To the typhoid patient, small frequent meals are recommended to sustain energy and stamina. The diet is completely based on fulfilling nutritional needs with easily digestible foods.

Know what to eat and avoid during typhoid with proper diet recommendations.

High-Calorie Diet to fulfill dietary requirements during typhoid

With the intention of giving the required energy and weight loss, a high-calorie diet is recommended. A high-calorie diet prevents weight loss. The foods that contain high-calorie are:

Food Dense In Carbohydrates to regain strength

Eat high carbohydrate foods during typhoid. Include light, soft, and bland and easy to digest foods in your diet like:

In conclusion, these foods will increase your strength and give you some relief during typhoid.

Protein-Rich Foods for a healthy body

Protein-rich foods speed up the healing process along with strengthening the immune system. The best source of protein-rich foods are:

The above foods are good to include in the diet chart for a typhoid patient.

Relieving Foods

When a patient is suffering from typhoid, foods like soups and broth are recommended to give soothing effects. These foods help to boost energy and fight against fatigue. The foods will include:


Proper hydration is also important for the patient suffering from typhoid. It manages fluid balance and prevents dehydration. Therefore, consume enough fluids and drink plenty of water. Include:

What are the foods to avoid during typhoid?

If you are suffering from typhoid, you should avoid eating foods that are high in fiber content. The high fiber content in food can upset the digestive system. Therefore, know what not to eat in typhoid:

What preventive measures should be taken during typhoid?

While dietary precautions are important to follow, typhoid patients should also take some preventive measures against the disease.

Final Words

Typhoid symptoms can be eliminated by proper eating and taking care of the body. One should not ignore the dietary role during typhoid. The right diet chart will help you regain strength and energy and also eliminate the risk of disease reoccurrence. Therefore, keep yourself healthy by following what to eat and avoid during typhoid.

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What to eat and avoid during typhoid

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