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Monsoon health tips to stay safe and nourished

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Monsoon brings a lot of the things with it like scenic beauty, soul-soothing rains, greenery, and escape from the summer hotness. In other words, monsoon is the way of nature to talk on another level.
As much as we humans love the rainy season, animals, plants, bacteria, virus, and the whole nature also loves this season and gets more active when it arrives.
Therefore, this season becomes somewhat unhealthy for our bodies because the monsoon brings diseases like cough, seasonal fever, cold, etc. But still, we can follow some monsoon health tips to keep ourselves healthy and safe against such diseases.

How to stay healthy in the monsoon season with some tips?

If you are looking for how to stay healthy in monsoon and keep yourself nourished, follow the monsoon tips given below.

1. Boost vitamin C consumption

As viruses and bacterias become more agile in the monsoon season, it is essential for us to prepare our bodies against them. Vitamin C is a critical nutrient that helps us to fight against diseases like allergic reactions, viral fevers, and other infections. Therefore, all you have to do is boost your vitamin C consumption during monsoon. Eat healthy in monsoon and add vitamin-C rich foods in your diet like:

2. Avoid street food or junk food

The foods that are available on the street corner including freshly cut fruits, salads, chaats, etc should be avoided. It is because roadside foods are not safe neither free from various bacterias and harmful microorganisms. The street foods are more exposed to the open air that allows microorganisms to enter.

3. Get rid of stagnant water

Monsoon is the season that breeds a lot of mosquitos and this is quite a worst issue. A bite from a mosquito can make you sick. Therefore, you must not let the water store open for the longest time in your home. This is how you can make your home free from breeding insects.

In addition, get rid of dirty water immediately, cover the pots of water properly, don’t let the rainwater stored anywhere in your home or nearby.

4. Add a disinfectant to the bathwater

It a common notion that most people love to be in the rain. And there is nothing wrong to enjoy the fascinations of nature. After savoring the rains, it becomes essential to take a bath. To do so, you should add a disinfectant in the water like Savlon, Betadine, or Dettol. Taking a bath with disinfected water will remove millions of microorganisms. Therefore, you will stay healthy and free of harmful substances.

5. Use ironing on your clothes

Have you ever noticed your clothes smell different and they feel like moist when you touch them in monsoon season?
It’s no illusion because the monsoon is a perfect period for fungi growth. As the rainy season flow, some of the places like your wardrobes and almirah becomes soggy. Consequently, moisture causes parasites and fungi to grow.
Therefore, iron your clothes before wearing them to avoid any infection on your body. It is also one of the monsoon tips for skin.

6. Avoid directly eating fruits and vegetables

When you are in the rainy season, keep in mind that you must wash your fruits and vegetables before eating. To remove germs from the peels of vegetables and fruits, wash them thoroughly under the running water.
Consume cooked veggies to stay safe from water-borne illnesses and other monsoon health problems.

7. Get enough sleep

It has been recommended to take enough sleep daily because an adequate amount of sleep increases your immunity. Therefore, a boosted immunity prevents flu and the common cold- conditions that are popular in the monsoon season.

8. Keep your hands clean

Many monsoon health problems with the contaminated hands. Therefore, it becomes crucial to keep your hands clean by frequently washing or sanitizing them. Following this tip for monsoon season kills numerous microorganisms that can even grow during the monsoon.

9. Carefully expose yourself in an air-conditioned room

If you are wet or damp, do not enter into an air-conditioned area. If you will expose yourself to AC with wet skin and clothes, there are high chances of getting a common cold.

10. Be careful with allergens

If you are looking for how to stay healthy in monsoon, it is most important that you take precautions against allergens. This advice has been given because, during the rainy season, allergies become severe. Therefore, if you are allergic to something, take all precautions against them and keep anti-allergy medicine with you at all times.

In conclusion, the monsoon seems soul-soothing season but you should not take your health for granted. Follows the monsoon health tips carefully and don’t let your health becomes more vulnerable.
In addition, eat healthy in monsoon and enjoy the scenic season.

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Monsoon health tips

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