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Uncommonly, getting blood in an emergency situation is never been an easy thing to do. Needy people struggle to get blood in emergencies. Where should they visit?
From where they should get blood? And how much they should pay to get the blood?

It is about saving lives that is why nobody can ignore or compromise with it. If someone needs blood there is no alternative to use. As it does not look fair to see people struggle for the blood and paying for such things, Canwinn Foundation has started Blood Box Service in Gurgaon. Therefore, if you require blood, you can call for a Free 24*7 Blood bank in Gurgaon. This initiative for a social cause is really appreciative. This is a line people to get hassle-free blood from a single place.

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How does this blood box work?

This blood service, started by the Canwinn works like a mediator between the giver and taker. More precisely, this blood box allows the donors to contact Canwinn for the blood donation. Anyone that is healthy, can donate blood to help others. Similarly, a person who is in need of blood can also contact Canwinn Foundation to get free blood.
Isn’t it Amazing?
Blood box service is proving to be very helpful to the people. Now, there is no need to wander here and there for the blood when you already struggling with the situation. Simply call the Canwinn to fulfill your needs.

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Definition of Blood Box – How to get Free Blood in Gurugram 24*7

It is a place where blood is getting collected from the donors separated into the components and then, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. Moreover, the blood box facility allowing people to get in touch and take blood for free in times of need.

Separation of blood

The donated unit of blood in the blood box gets separated into multiple components. These components include red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Every separated component transfused to a different individual, each with different needs.

Moreover, the common procedure of removing a specific component of the blood followed by most of the blood banks is apheresis. Not limited to this, apheresis is also known to collect the plasma, which is the liquid part of blood. And granulocytes which are popularly known as white blood cells. The method of removing particles from the blood like platelets is not something very handy.

Exceptional Services of Blood Box

    Blood components available are:

   Availability of Blood Component in an Emergency:

Blood box provides help and strength to the most severe cases. The situations where patients usually require blood are post-RTA surgeries, patients suffering from Thalassemia, sickle cell disease, loss of blood in accidents, patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer, blood transfusions, etc.
Whatever the reason is, Free Blood bank in Gurgaon is available 24×7 at your service.

Above all, you can connect with the Canwinn Foundation anytime to get your queries solved as well as get the benefits of services. Their services are not limited to blood boxes, but they offer many beneficial services to the people of Gurugram. You can explore the website to know about all the services.

Stay Fit, Stay Well!

If you Want Blood Box in Gurgaon Reach out to us. Helpline No:- +91-9654000098

Free Blood service in gurugram

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