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When a patient goes with the reference he/she gets a discount on the given bills and gets priority too. canwinn works as a bridge in-between the people & the health sector.
canwinn has been working with youth and students in order to make society better and create health awareness in common people because we understand the power of youth and its communication. We provide general body treatment and also provide medical training and internship related to the health sector.
canwinn Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization, which aims to make health services affordable, approachable and assurable for the common man.
Canwinn is working with the vision of fitter, better and healthier society.
canwinn foundation has taken the responsibility of making a healthy society, by going forward we have taken several steps like; suggesting better treatment options to people, help them in getting discount on hospital bills, blood donation camps, plasma donation drive during Covid period, currently working with Gurugram administration for Ayushman Golden card scheme.
DP Goel is the founder of canwinn Foundation and Naveen Goyal is the co-founder of canwinn foundation.

They are into social activities from past 1 decade. As by realizing that how much people are struggling while dealing with health sector, they both have decided to take the initiative and help people to deal with this concern.
canwinn foundation is always eager to connect with the people and society in all ways, digitally and physically both. You can join canwinn as a volunteer as well as a permanent part of team.

Send us your interest on our website and we will contact you.

We have organizing camps for health awareness, blood donation, free health checkup camps and to complete these activities we have a commendable team of Canwinn volunteers. They have become a special part of canwinn foundation now. If you want to work with canwinn as a volunteer you simply need to follow few steps.

Click on “Join as Volunteer” and send us your request.

Our team will respond on your request.

As canwinn is a Non-Profit Organization, we can offer you the maximum help in terms of treatment, discounts on hospital bills and countless services which you can avail 24×7. But as of now canwinn is not offering any financial help to anyone.

canwinn Foundation is working with the vision of giving people a healthy lifestyle. By taking forward this commitment, canwinn foundation has started many services for the locals of Gurugram city like; free Ambulance service, food and medicine distribution in corona crisis and many more.

canwinn Foundation has started an in-house Polyclinic where people get medical services at rs.100/-

canwinn Foundation is an CSR activity of Winntus Group, as of now canwinn Foundation is not accepting any funding from anyone else. But if someone want to support canwinn financially then we can suggest them to donate the money from where needy can get direct benefits of that.

While at the time of initiating for any medical purpose, introduce your canwinn membership card to the hospital or you call connect with canwinn over call. By showing your membership card you will get the benefits from the hospitals or doctors.

Please see this tutorial video for more details.

Please see this tutorial video for more details. You just need to fill all the details and our team will connect with you for further action.

canwinn can provide you help in terms of treatment and all the services offer by canwinn foundation.

You will get the discount benefits on treatment and other services but as of now canwinn is not providing any treatment service of FOC (Free of cost).


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