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Dengue is not a contagious disease but a mosquito-borne disease that is mostly caused by Aedes egypti. Dengue follows flu-like symptoms that occur with severe and acute infection. Per year, the number of dengue cases is high and according to the reports, around 22,000 deaths occur due to dengue.

Today, Canwinn Foundation will cover Dengue fever causes, Symptoms, and Home remedies. Home remedies for Dengue fever will give you some relief in the symptoms.

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What Causes Dengue Fever?

The main cause of Dengue Fever could be any one of four types of dengue viruses. These viruses are closely related to Genus Flavivirus. When the mosquito bites an infected person, the dengue virus enters into the person. After that, when this infected person bites another person, that person also gets infected.

The incubation period of dengue virus in mosquitos is 8 to 10 days. After this incubation period, this mosquito can infect the healthy person with a single bite. The infected person then shows symptoms in about 4 to 10 days. Moreover, dengue is transferable from mother to baby in case the mother is infected during pregnancy. Recovery from the Dengue fever, your body immunizes you against the specific virus you were infected with.

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Warning signs of dengue fever

From mild to severe, dengue symptoms worsen with the disease progression. The early-stage symptoms of dengue are as follows:

The Symptoms of later stages could be:

What are the Risk Factors of Dengue Fever?

Primarily, all age groups are equally at risk. Young children and infants suffer through severe infection. Moreover, dengue does not give lifelong immunity. Only immunity lasts for short period. The risk factors that can be responsible for dengue fever are as follows:

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What are the Complications of Dengue Fever?

Home Remedies for Dengue fever:

1) Giloy juice

It is a common remedy for dengue that increases metabolism and builds immunity.

2) Papaya leaf juice

Papaya juice increases the platelet count in the body that eventually helps in dengue patients.

3) Fresh guava juice

Guava juice offers multiple nutrients, therefore, it provides vitamin C that increases immunity.

4) Fenugreek seeds

This is another option that provides multiple nutrients and thus, it helps in controlling dengue fever.

5) Immunity boosting foods

Consume lots of immunity-boosting foods to keep your immunity system strong. This will prevent the dengue fever and help you recover quickly. Other home remedies for dengue fever are as follows:

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Dengue fever causes, Symptoms, Home remedies

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