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Chronic kidney disease is the condition when your kidney gets damaged and can become worst with the progressive stages.
The kidneys are not able to filter in the proper way they should. The symptoms of Chronic kidney disease develops slowly over a long period of time. If the condition goes through without regular dialysis or a kidney transplant operation, the CKD could become disastrous.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic Kidney Disease causes a gradual loss in proper kidney function. Therefore, slowly your kidney gets damaged and loses its ability to function properly. Our kidneys are responsible for filtering harmful wastes from our bodies. They absorb the needed substances in the body and eliminate waste in the urine.

Excessive sodium and water in the waste products are considered to be chiefly noted. In Chronic Kidney Disease or Chronic Renal Failure condition, the kidneys cannot filter harmful wastes from our body and as a result, this builds up in the body and harms other organs and their functions as well.

Generally, kidney disease symptoms are undetectable in the early stages. In most cases, when kidney condition appears they are already been 75% damaged.

In the allopathy, there is no cure for kidney disease and the treatments focus on slowing the degeneration of the kidneys. However, the early detection of disease can increase the duration of normal life before the disease progress to the worst condition. Moreover, kidney transplants are required in the last stages of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

As we have mentioned earlier, there are no symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease that appear at the onset. Gradually, the symptoms start to appear but those symptoms are the same as of other diseases. Therefore, it becomes difficult to understand if the symptoms are associated with kidney disease. Some of the Chronic Kidney Disease symptoms are as follows:

Loss of Appetite

Those with chronic kidney failure complain that they either feel too full to eat or have lost all taste for food. Nevertheless, loss of appetite is possibly connected with other diseases.

Chest Pain

When chronic kidney disease reaches the last stages, the harmful waste builds up in different organs of the body. Due to this, a person might suffer from chest pain. IT happens when harmful substances go into the heart.

Shortness of Breath

Patients with chronic kidney disease complain about breathing difficulties. It happens when the harmful wastes get collected in the lungs. This hinders the lungs functioning and therefore, people find it difficult to breathe.

Swollen Feet, Legs, and Face

If the earlier symptoms of kidney disease can be detected, they could be Some of the earliest symptoms of chronic kidney disease are swollen legs, feet, and sometimes, face. However, they might be associated with other diseases that make it difficult to diagnose kidney disease.

Nausea and Vomiting

Excessive waste production in the body causes different body reactions. Therefore, you will feel nauseous in order to get rid of such dysfunction.

Persistent Itching

During the condition of chronic kidney disease, the patient’s blood contains uremia. Thus, uremia
The presence of uremia in the blood can lead to severe itching, to the extent that it makes the patient scratch their skin constantly.

Constant Fatigue

A hormone called erythropoietin is secreted by the kidney that helps in red blood cell formation. Thus, a reduction in the red blood cell amount causes anemia. The fatigue is its symptom that occurs due to a lack of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.


Chronic kidney disease interferes with oxygen supply. Thus, the anemia condition causes the oxygen to not flow to the brain and your brain does not function properly. The interference in brain functionality involves a lack of concentration, inability to retain new memories, confusing state of mind.

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease could occur due to one or another reason. While the kidney disease itself is a long process and thus, does not appear in the single day. The process of disease development is long and gradual.

Some causes that might be responsible for the disease are as follows:

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Chronic kidney disease

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