2020-10-16 09:00:51

White patches- Home remedies for white patches

A condition in which white patches occur on the skin is also called vitiligo. White[....]

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2020-10-15 09:35:16

Ayurvedic medicine for a kidney- Stay Healthy

Kidneys in the human body work to separate waste products. For instance, kidneys absorb the[....]

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2020-10-14 10:37:50

Home remedies for dysentery- How you can treat Dysentery

Here we will talk about the condition that causes inflammation in the intestines. This inflammation[....]

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2020-10-13 11:08:09

Homemade pregnancy test- 7 ways to check your pregnancy

Pregnancy is not something to take for granted. The news of pregnancy means something more[....]

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2020-10-12 10:47:03

HIV symptoms: How to detect A HIV patient

Signs and symptoms of HIV infection vary from person to person depending on the type[....]

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2020-10-08 08:55:49

Yoga tips for a flat stomach- Canwinn Foundation

Yoga is acknowledged to be the most effective method for toning and shaping the body.[....]

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