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Which is the Best generic medicine for diabetes in India in 2020?

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  • Which is the Best generic medicine for diabetes in India in 2020?

Diabetes is an illness that depicts blood sugar levels. When the insulin presented in our body do not work efficiently, then diabetes occurs. In this situation, our body struggles to regulate blood sugar levels.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is of two different types- Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes can be treated with insulin injections.

In addition, Type 1 requires a proper diet and activity strategies to prevent complications of treatment. On the other hand type 2 diabetes patients can manage this disease by regulating their lifestyle measures. Doctors prescribe insulin in case other treatments are not effecting.

What is the safest drug for type 2 diabetes?

Interestingly, we have various medications to treat diabetes which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we are going to discuss several medications so that we can analyze which one will suit the most. To know the Best generic medicine for diabetes in India in 2020, you will have to read till the end.

Medications for type 1 diabetes

There is a variety of medications that can support the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes and its complications. Always, type 1 diabetes treatment includes the use of insulin injections to deliver the insulin that is not present in your body. Therefore, it helps in keeping your blood sugar levels steady.

Usually, people themselves inject insulin under the skin. And when they are admitted to the hospital, a doctor might give them insulin injection directly into the blood. Insulin is also available in the powder form to take by breathing in. Furthermore, there are many diabetes patients that propose using insulin pumps. These insulin pumps are small devices that deliver insulin through tubes inserted into the skin.

For instance, you will see a variety of insulin types as well. If we talk about Rapid-acting injections, they last for 2 to 4 hours which is of course a shorter period and takes 5 to 15 minutes to give effects in the body.

These are:

Similarly, there are short-acting injections are also available that take 30 minutes to 1 hour to show their effect. They last for 3 to 8 hours:

The injections that take effect after about 1 to 4 hours are Intermediate-acting injections. They last for 12 to 18 hours:

Moreover, Long-acting injections are meant to take effect after 1 or 2 hours. They usually last for between 14 and 24 hours:

The mixture of Above all types of insulin, Premixed injections take effect from between 5 minutes and 1 hour.
They perfectly last for between 10 and 24 hours:

Presented in the powder form insulin, rapid-acting inhalable insulin is available to breathe in. It takes effect within 12 to 15 minutes and lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours:

Best diabetes tablets in India

Now you will see some of the best diabetes tablets in India, that are non-insulin injectables. They are common for people treating type 1 diabetes:

Amylin analogs: Pramlintide (Symlin) mimics another hormone, amylin. This amylin regulates glucose. As a result of insulin treatment, blood sugar levels can fall too low which can be reversed with Glucagon

Best Medications for type 2 diabetes in India

Simply, some Lifestyle images might help you prevent diabetes type 2. Whereas insulin can treat type 2 diabetes By managing the high blood glucose levels, Doctors do not prefer prescribing it until unless other treatments have not shown their desired effects.

It is not easy to say which drug is best suitable for your body because it differs from person to person and many drugs have a combination of effects. In case, a diabetes patient requires more than two treatments in order to manage glucose levels, then insulin treatment will be necessary to use.

Meant to improve the secretion of insulin in the bodies, these drugs do this process by the pancreas. There are many new medicines are available that people mostly preferred because of their less adverse effects.

Sulfonylureas include:

The less common sulfonylureas that are older:

In comparison to the past doctors less like to prescribe sulfonylureas nowadays. And it is right because these medications lower the blood sugar level that can possibly generate other health issues.


These drugs enhance insulin secretion and improve the effectiveness of releasing insulin during meals. Meglitinides include:

Biguanides are known to enhance the effect of insulin. And also, they increase the uptake of blood glucose into the cells. Metformin is the best brand of diabetes drugs in India. And it is the brand of biguanide. Stay connected to get aware of diseases!

Best generic medicine for diabetes in India in 2020


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