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What is high blood pressure?

Through the arteries, our heart makes blood flow into the body. Blood flows under a certain pressure in our arteries. If there is a situation of increasing pressure due to any reason, then this pressure is put on the arteries. In medical or medical language, this condition is called high blood pressure.

A serious problem, the body suffers from a variety of potential hazards such as heart attack or kidney failure. High blood pressure also affects common life to a large extent. So, this is a really serious problem. If the level of blood flow is 140/90 mm or more, it is called high blood pressure or high blood pressure. It occurs mostly in a state of tension and hence it is also called hypertension in common language.

Disorganized lifestyle and imbalanced eating habits are the main causes of high blood pressure. Control of high blood pressure is extremely important as it is fatal for health. The balance of blood pressure has been considered a symbol of a healthy body. Both high or low blood pressure is extremely fatal for the body.

What are the causes of high blood pressure

There are many reasons for high blood pressure like obesity, heredity, alcohol consumption, overeating, lack of exercise, stress, painkillers, kidney disease, adrenal gland disease, etc.


What to eat to control high blood pressure

Everyone wants to know about foods to reduce blood pressure as well as foods to avoid with high blood pressure. To control high blood pressure, include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, radish, fenugreek, beetroot, etc. in your diet. Green leafy vegetables act to remove excess sodium from the body and also contain rich nutrients that are beneficial for health. Apart from this, oats, fresh fruits, sprouted pulses or grains have also been found to be quite beneficial. It is recommended to eat kiwi daily to get rid of high blood pressure disease. Eating kiwi every day not only cures high blood pressure but also improves digestion and increases immunity.

how to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home?

Here anyone can treat high blood pressure with garlic at home. Eating one bud of garlic daily in the morning provides relief in high blood pressure. It is a simple and effective treatment. Apart from this, the inclusion of garlic in food is also considered effective.

What not to eat in high blood pressure?

If you have a severe level of high blood pressure, or you do not want to increase the problem of low-level hypertension, then it is advisable not to consume the following types of foods:

– Do not consume sodium-rich substances such as salmon (if the problem of high blood pressure is not of a serious level, then a small amount of rock salt can be used instead of ordinary salt)

– Do not consume alcohol

– do not smoke

– Do not eat too much fatty food

– Do not consume too much red pepper food

– Do not consume too much coffee

– Do not use too much sugar

– Do not consume meat at all

How to control high blood pressure immediately?

Generally, people suffering from high blood pressure want to know how to lower blood pressure instantly. If the blood pressure is high, then drink plenty of water very comfortably. To reduce stress, pay attention to the things that cause high blood pressure. Eat lemon or orange juice. Potassium-rich foods that lower blood pressure quickly. So we can understand here that food with potassium helps in lowing high blood pressure immediately. Do not consume salt at all. In case of more serious problems, consult a doctor immediately.

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