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Are you also facing health issues due to a sedentary lifestyle and need a checkup?

But thinking about bills over your health. On every single step you take inside the hospital, an unexpected bill awaits you. Consultant’s fees, costly medicines, high-rated lab tests, and a lot of other medical expenses helps in dealing with the disease, but such heavy charges may put you down in the dumps.

But don’t worry. You can save yourself and yours from such a critical situation as well as from critical diseases by getting a timely checkup and affordable treatment.

In Gurugram, the helping hands of the canwinn Foundation rescued lakhs of people from high bills of medicine, treatment, and other hospital charges.

Dr. D.P. Goyal founded the canwinn Foundation in March 2019 with the goal of empowering people to overcome chronic disease. It is a non-profit organisation that serves as a link between healthcare practitioners and society. With the ambition of “Swastha Bharat smrudh Bharat,” the canwinn Foundation platform delivers accessible, approachable, and assurable healthcare services to all citizens.

The canwinn foundation administers treatment in various given fields:

Allopathic :- Science-based, clinically tested modern medicine is known as allopathy. It cures diseases by using surgeries and drugs.

Ayurvedic:- Ayurvedic medicine is a natural medicine method used to heal diseases. It has its origins in India and is the world’s oldest health-care system.canwinn has ayurveda practitioners.

Homoeopathic:- It is a medical method that originated in Germany 200 years ago. It is formulated with natural ingredients to heal and restore health. The practitioner promises to address the underlying cause of diseases rather than just the symptoms.

Naturopathic:– Natural remedies can be employed in it to assist the body to recover itself. Therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and diet are a few examples.

Physiotherapy:- Physiotherapy is a treatment that helps the body regain its health. This therapy aids in the restoration of people’s strength. It benefits people who have suffered severe injuries or are disabled.

Not only that, but to raise awareness, motivated volunteers arrange a slew of camps. canwinn Foundation’s energetic team teaches people about disease basics and hygiene. They include a variety of associated hospitals in Gurgaon and strive to collaborate with more hospitals, health centres, labs, and medical stores in Gurgaon, Haryana.

 In Gurugram, Haryana, the canwinn Foundation has three active branches.

Geeta Bhawan Polyclinic
Rajendra Park Polyclinic

 All Three clinics consist of outpatient departments, physiotherapy departments, dental departments, laboratories, etc. Ambulance service is provided at no cost. Not only this, but the lab collection centres there are also open 24*7.

canwinn  Seva Polyclinics provides outpatient department services for 100 rupees only.

Health Shagun

canwinn offers a unique full body  health checkup package called “Health Shagun,” in which we offer whole body testing with 80 healthy parameters, including Vitamin D and Vitamin 12, for just Rs. 1100. It is necessary to schedule one day ahead of time in order to be tested at such a low cost. Some of the tests included in “Health Shagun” are very pricey on the market.

CBC | Lipid Profile | Liver Function Test | Iron Studies | Vitamin D | Vitamin B12 Thyroid Profile | Kidney Function Test | Urine Routines & Microscopy | Hbalc Blood Sugar | Phosphorus | Calcium | Blood Group

Rakt daan maha daan

The most significant volunteer activity is blood donation. Blood is the most valuable gift that someone can offer to another person—it is the gift of life. Donating blood can save a life, or possibly many lives, if your blood is sorted into its components—red cells, platelets, and plasma—and used separately for patients with particular illnesses. To inspire people to donate blood, the canwinn Foundation launched the RAKTDAAN mobile App, which helped people find blood donors based on their location. Not only that, but the application uses algorithms to match blood types, ensuring donors’ entire privacy.

 canwinn’s initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

From March 19 to November 21, statistics from the canwinn Foundation


Sacha saathi is a group of people working from scratch to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people, inspired by the aim of rendering selfless services towards every sector of our community. Professionals with medical expertise providing end-to-end care to patients suffering from acute diseases or volunteers creating awareness amongst the masses to prevent these diseases are all our heroes, providing their selfless service to uplift the community.


canwinn Foundation has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers that are ready to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the welfare of mankind. canwinn also offers a number of specialist doctors that are experts in their respective disciplines.

As a result, they aid in the treatment of patients with a wide range of therapies. All of the team members have prior expertise and understand how to deal with health emergencies, individual circumstances and challenges. They are all involved in educating the community about health concerns.

canwinn NGO seminars and awareness programs

Because it is necessary to understand the ways that will benefit us in our lives, the foundation arranges health awareness programs so that people may learn about them and how to treat them. Nobody will have to be worried or concerned about the disorders they have been suffering from since this foundation and its crew fully support and assist people suffering from chronic diseases.

Certain people live in a society that already has some serious ailments but are unaware of them. As a result, the canwinn Foundation has begun conducting seminars and public awareness campaigns. Many people have benefited from these services. This NGO truly encourages individuals and makes them aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. canwinn strives to achieve peace, knowledge, prosperity, and happiness through good health.

canwinn Foundation – Best Healthcare Non-Governmental Organization – Introduction – YouTube

canwinn a Hope

canwinn is a hope for a healthy India. canwinn is a hope for people who are not well educated and cannot decide what to do and which doctor to consult in emergency times. canwinn assists you to obtain recommendations from top physicians in Gurugram. This organisation is affiliated with several qualified doctors, from whom you may receive treatment at a substantial discount. When other unavoidable crises strike the city, the canwinn Foundation has always been there to solve the concerns and common problems of the needy people. They have consistently proven a desire to help the people of Gurugram.

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