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Pm Modi Will Address The Country At 8 Pm To Deal With The Epidemic

24 Mar 2020

Pm Modi Will Address The Country At 8 Pm To Deal With The Epidemic

It might be realized that prior to the Prime Minister had tended to the nation eight in the evening on Thursday (19 March 2020) with respect to the corona infection. During this, he engaged the individuals of the nation to force an open time limitation on Sunday (22 March 2020). He had called for a public curfew from 7 am to 9 pm. Alongside this, he had engaged the individuals on Sunday night to thank the clinical staff, sanitation laborers, policemen, paramilitary forces and others including those fighting the epidemic for five minutes at five o'clock in the evening from the balcony of the houses, bells, thali, Clap, and conch, etc. were called. This appeal of PM Modi had a wide effect on the nation over.




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