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13 Jun 2019

Cancer Myths & Facts

One of the biggest myths about cancer is that it is like a death sentence. Following are some other myths about cancer:

  • eating sugar may make cancer worse
  • artificial sweeteners can cause cancer
  • cancer is contagious
  • attitude can help cause cancer or recover from it
  • cancer surgery and tumour biopsy may lead cancer to spread throughout the body
  • cancer can get worse if exposed to air
  • cell phones can cause cancer
  • power lines may cause cancer
  • herbal products can cure cancer
  • if someone has cancer in my family, I would get it as well
  • if no one in my family has cancer I am risk free
  • deodorants and antiperspirants can cause cancer
  • hair dye increases the risk of cancer

Cancer is not a death sentence. In fact, in the USA (United States of America) the number of people dying from cancer has gone down by quite a lot. This has been happening steadily since the 1990s. In fact, now 90 per cent or more people suffering from cancers such as breast, thyroid, and prostate survive for more than 5 years. For all kinds of cancers this comes down to around 67 per cent. However, these are basically calculations and cannot be regarded as all-inclusive truth.

How long you live in cancer would depend on a number of factors such as the rate at which the disease is growing in your body. A lot also depends on the extent to which it has spread in your body.

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