Obesity Disease

Obesity is a global disease associated with excess weight and excess body fat of both adults and children, both men and women. It usually depends on a combination of several internal and external factors. This is not only an aesthetic disease but a serious condition that causes multiple health problems.

Generally, obesity manifests itself in the form of excess fatty deposits, which can accumulate under the skin, on organs and tissues. It is very easy to determine if a person's body weight has seriously increased. If your weight has suddenly increased by 20% without planning, this may be the first sign of obesity.

Obesity can have very bad implications on a person's health, especially for women. This disease can bring many psychological and physical discomfort, leads to problems with the spine, joints, causes sexual dysfunction and adversely affects women's health.

Symptoms and signs of obesity

The primary symptom of obesity in men and women is excess body weight. But this is not the only criterion.

Other common symptoms and effects of obesity include:

  • Shortness of breath, which emerges even with little physical effort.
  • Fat figure - full shoulders, large belly, hips.
  • Excess sweating.
  • Swelling of the legs, Joint pain

For women, obesity can cause menstrual irregularities. Sexual and erectile dysfunctions are a common sign of obesity in men.

Obesity Reasons

  • The imbalance between energy expenditure. and food intake. It can be due to many reasons like a sedentary lifestyle, constant overeating, abuse of sweets, soda, baked goods.
  • Hereditary predisposition. If your first blood relative, like your father or brother, is overweight, the likelihood of obesity increases.
  • Overeating - excessively large portions or high-calorie content of dishes, late-night rich dinners;
  • Unbalanced diet - a passion for processed sugars, carbonated drinks, sweet fruit juices.
  • Stress. Gaining excess weight can be caused by regular stress, emotional upheaval, sleep disturbances.

Obesity treatment

The chronic nature of obesity demands consistent and long-term treatment. For a successful fight against excess weight, correction of eating behaviour and physical activity is very necessary.In addition, the diet must contain plenty of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables and low-fat protein foods like chicken, fish, cheese. Foods with high-carbohydrate should be excluded, under the ban:

  • sweets;
  • bakery products;
  • sweet drinks;
  • alcohol.

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