Arthritis Disease

Human joints are 24*7 workers; they work around the clock, making millions of movements for you. Unsurprisingly, they are also prone to inflammation and breakdowns. About  180 million people in India are affected by joint pain, and the “epidemic” is still progressing. The most common diagnoses of joint pains are arthritis.

Arthritis is a serious joint disease that affects both men and women over the age of 40. It is associated with multiple factors that can lead to the deformation of joint elements and tissue destruction. In addition, this disease is accompanied by inflammation and severe pain. It takes months to heal arthritis - 6 months or more completely. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo diagnostics and start medications as soon as you can.


The main reasons for the development of arthritis can include :

  • injuries, damage to the ligamentous apparatus, bruises of the joints;
  • fungal, bacterial, or viral infection;
  • metabolic disorders, deficiency of bone and cartilage tissue density;
  • immune disorders;
  • bone disease;
  • hereditary predisposition.
  • physical overload;

Symptoms Of The Disease

The symptoms of arthritis are practically not manifested in the initial stage. Sometimes a patient can feel mild pain in the joint, but at the same time, it goes away quickly and rarely recurs. Over the years, the intensity of pain increases can not be relieved by conventional means. They are especially worse at night and also while driving.

There are multiple types of arthritis, and their specific symptoms depend on the cause. Common features include the following:

  • feeling of stiffness in the joints after sleep;
  • redness, swelling on the skin;
  • while turning the joint an unnatural crunching sound may occur;
  • rise in temperature of the affected joint;
  • severe pain while performing movements;
  • deformation of the joint.

Arthritis treatment 

The treatment prescribed by the specialist will depend on the severity of the diagnosis. If there is no damage to the internal organs during the diagnosis, therapy is carried out without surgery. For advanced stages of arthritis, surgery may be required. The patient can be assigned:

  • Medicines.
  • Vitamins.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Surgical treatment.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Diet therapy.
  • Ointments and gels.
  • Massage, manual therapy.

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