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Tuberculosis is a dangerous contagious disease transmitted in 95% of cases by airborne droplets, leading to disability and death without timely diagnosis and treatment. In addition, this disease tops the chart when it comes to the mortality rate among infectious diseases.  

According to the WHO, around 10 million cases of this disease are registered annually in the world. In which around 2 million people will die without getting the proper treatment they need. Most tuberculosis cases can be traced back to countries with low living standards, income, and health care. 80% of tuberculosis are generally found in 22 countries of the world, which includes India. The rest of the countries are practically free from them. 

Recently, the Government of India proclaimed a declarative goal - to eradicate tuberculosis by 2025. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target of 2030 is to completely remove the occurrence of new cases of tuberculosis by 90% and to create an environment in which no family would have to bear the catastrophic costs of treating the disease

Causes of occurrence

The primary reason for the occurrence of tuberculosis disease is the Koch mycobacterium, which, after entering a body, may not manifest itself for a long time. It will become active when the patient body has a weak immunodeficiency system that does not have enough resources to destroy the bacterium.

Symptoms of tuberculosis

Whether the tuberculosis disease has recently developed after infection or has resurfaced, its primary and secondary symptoms can vary. In both cases, symptoms can be mild or remind of themselves only periodically. Signs of tuberculosis at the beginning stage can be of cold, similar to the manifestations of other infections:

  • increased sweating;

  • body pain, drowsiness;

  • an increase in body temperature up to 37.5–38 ° С;

Tuberculosis treatment

A physician makes the diagnosis of "tuberculosis" based on laboratory tests, results of fluorography or radiography. Getting rid of tuberculosis is not easy, and home treatment does not help here. In most cases, hospitalization becomes necessary for overall treatment.

In the early stages of the disease, chemotherapy can provide good results. Several drugs can also be used, but the procedures require a long course: up to 8 months. In serious cases, doctors can resort to surgical interventions to remove the affected part or the entire lung.

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