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Among all diseases, respiratory pathologies are considered the undisputed leaders, along with cardiovascular diseases. They can affect people of all ages, leading to unpleasant symptoms and significantly impairing vital oxygen delivery from the lungs to the tissues.

Usually, acute respiratory diseases are serious pathologies, mainly infectious, less often of allergic origin, and can interfere with normal breathing functions.

There is a general annotation among people that respiratory diseases are not very dangerous. However, the practice tells the opposite. If someone gets infected with them at a young age, serious chronic pathologies can manifest serious complications without proper care. One of the prime examples of respiratory diseases can be the COVID-19 epidemic, whose complications, we all know, can be fatal.

Causes of acute respiratory infections?

Acute respiratory diseases are based on irritation and inflammation of the airways. Usually, it can be triggered by infectious agents like:

  • viruses of different kinds (adenoviruses, coronaviruses, influenza, parainfluenza, rhinoviruses, RS virus and many others);

  • bacteria (pneumococcus, streptococcus, meningococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, as well as opportunistic flora);

  • mycoplasma and legionella, chlamydia, legionella;

  • Fungi (these are especially dangerous for people with immunodeficiencies).

Respiratory diseases can also develop due to the influence of allergens, external irritants (soot, fumes, dust, corrosive gases).

Respiratory symptoms

Early symptoms of acute respiratory diseases can manifest in the nose and upper respiratory tract. Some of the key and most common symptoms include:

  • a feeling of pressure in the nose and sinuses, swelling and congestion;

  • runny, watery nose, transparent contents, thicker greenish-yellow mucus;

  • coughing (dry or wet, with sputum, depending on the type of lesion);

  • sore throat, sore nose, sore sinuses;

  • malaise, aching joints, body and muscles pain;

  • weakness, tiredness;

As the disease progresses, the patient can also suffer from high fever, chills, severe sweating, and muscle tremors.

Respiratory pathologies treatment

Generally, patients suffering from respiratory diseases are treated at home. Only serious patients who have developed dangerous complications are sent to the hospital. The method of treatment can depend on many factors, including time and severity of the symptoms. Patients with fever can also be recommended for bed rest until their body temperature returns to normal. Precautions are always better than cure, so make sure to follow a complete diet rich in protein and vitamins and drink plenty of fluids.

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