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The cardiovascular system of the human body is responsible for all the metabolic processes and is a part of multiple functional systems that determine homeostasis. The basis of blood circulation is cardiac activity.

Cardiovascular diseases are related to a group of pathologies that include complications with the myocardium's functional disorders, blood vessels, arteries, and veins. Blood circulation is the passage of blood through the vessels. It ensures the transfer of energy between all tissues of the body and the external environment.

Cardiovascular system diseases remain the topmost cause of death in the Indian population (28.1% of total deaths in the country). And these figures are some of the highest in the world. According to leading medical research, 2/3 of cardiac deaths are due to coronary artery disease. In addition, cardiovascular pathologies can also entail disability. The severity of the situation can be easily confirmed by the fact that patients die at working age (25–66 years). By gender, most of the dead are men.

List of cardiovascular diseases:

  • arterial hypertension;

  • thrombosis;

  • stroke;

  • thromboembolism;

  • inflammation of the myocardium;

  • atherosclerosis;

  • cardiosclerosis;

  • vices of various origins;

  • Ischemic heart disease;

  • heart attack;

  • VSD;

  • arrhythmias;

Risk factors for CVD

Some of the risk factors contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases include: 

  • abuse of alcoholic beverages;

  • stress;

  • the wrong choice of food;

  • pathology of other organs and systems;

  • tobacco smoking;

  • hypertension;

  • lipid metabolic disorders;

  • hypodynamia;

  • vegetative-vascular syndrome;

  • endocrine pathology (diabetes, menopause).

  • harmful production factors;

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Disease-related to the cardiovascular system of the human body are usually asymptomatic and can manifest over time in a heart attack or stroke. Generally, patients suffering from these diseases are often preceded by a nervous shock, physical exertion, overeating, and overwork. Without proper care, most heart conditions can be accompanied by heart failure.

The primary methods of treatment: 

The following cardiovascular pathologies need constant intake of pills:

  • Ischemic heart disease;

  • hypertension;

  • arrhythmia;

  • angina pectoris;

  • non-fatal MI;

  • CHF;

  • prevention of atherosclerosis;

Surgically treated:

  • myocardial revascularization;

  • vices;

  • aortic lesions with prosthetics;

  • aneurysms;

  • rhythm and conduction disturbances;

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